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nikki42's Journal

the artist formerly known as
11 December 1970
Artist in residence.
aclu, air america, al franken, angel, antiques roadshow, arches, art, artemis fowl, atlantis, babylon 5, baking, battlestar gallactica, behavior modification, bill maher, blue man group, blue october, bookstores, brie, british comedy, buffy, candles, cartoons, cashflow, cats, chaos, cheese, chess, chocolate, civil liberties, clarinet, classical guitar, classical music, collage, college, computer gaming, constitution, costumes, coupling, coyote oldman, creative visualization, dallas, daniel smith, david letterman, dead people ice, deep space nine, dickblick, doctor who, drawing, dream interpretation, dreams, dressing up, ebay, ed schultz, enigma, enterprise, fantasy, firefly, futurama, gambling, godiva, graduate school, guitar, half price books, harry potter, independence, ink, intaglio, investing, ipod, itunes, jackson pollock, jasper johns, jokes, jon stewart, joss whedon, kandinsky, keith olbermann, king of the hill, las vegas, lewis black, liberal thought, linux, lost, magritte, marching band, mark fiore, matrix, medieval fairs, michael moore, miro, moby, molly ivins, monty python, moveon.org, movies, museums, music, mystery, napping, new age, new york city, npr, oil painting, outfoxed, pagan, philosophy, photography, picasso, poe, politics, printmaking, prodigy, psychology, puns, purple, randi rhodes, reading, relief printing, robin hobb, sandy skoglund, scarborough fair, science fiction, shopping, simpsons, sintra, sooners, south park, star trek, star wars, stephen colbert, strawberries, sunsets, sweet potato queens, tai chi, tarot, tea, terry prachett, the daily show, thom hartmann, thunderstorms, travel, unemployment, unix, van gogh, wallace and gromit, watercolors, weight training, writing, yoga, zen