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cozumel cozumel
screenprint, 8.25X11"

I'm having a huge internal debate with myself. I am thinking about enrolling in a printmaking class at Brookhaven for the fall. Out of county charge is @ $215. The plus side to that is **acid for plate etching**, **printing presses**, **school supplied ink**.
The downsides include *30-45 minute commute*, *insanely crowded lab*, *questions like 'aren't you supposed to be in graduate school?'*, *act as reference for everyone who doesn't know what they are doing (very time consuming)*.

I will note that now I am more familiar with the screen process, it will be fairly easy to set it up at home. The most complicated part would be clearing out space in the art hole. I still can't etch here. Or print etchings. Or lithos. I suspect Don's evening class won't be too crowded and he would give me more latitude on attendance.
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Printmaking should be done ...

at home
in the MW day class
in the TR night class
not at all
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