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The more I think about Palin, the more it comes across as a pure Rovian move.

Strategy the first: use physical attraction to your advantage. One of the very first stories to come out on her was about her being America's Hottest Governor. This made me nervous because I recall from my social psychology classes how much impact attraction can have in hiring decisions.

Strategy the second: attack the media. That one never gets old. Oh, how I wish for a liberal media! Hell, I'd be happy with a non corporate controlled media. There is no political balance as these corporate stooges back so far away from anything resembling fairness or investigation for fear of being labeled 'librul'. Bullshit!

Strategy the third: muddy the waters. Poor Sarah is being attacked by the evil democrats because she's a woman. Soon it will be an attack on working mothers everywhere. Or it could be because she is a christian, though personally I would classify her as a mouthbreathing end of days complete and utter nutjob fundie.

These issues are all potential red meat for the low information voters out there who have only been exposed to the candidates during the political ads played during the breaks on American Idol or some such crap. Remember, it doesn't have to be substantive to have a huge impact and these fuckers know how to use marketing to their advantage.

This whole situation is dominating the media cycle, though it really belongs more on Jerry Springer than in our political discourse. All arguments not pertaining directly to the issues at hand muddy the waters and make it easier for the republicans to **gods forbid** win. They can't win on issues. Divide and conquer is the Rove play here, and it will indeed be played. Please think about the big picture here. Think of what has happened to the constitution during the bush regime. Think about preemptive war without rationale. Think about reproductive freedom, as it won't just be about Roe as these brilliantly evil thinkers in the administration have already moved towards reclassifying birth control as abortion.

Also think about what will happen if Obama comes into office. All that illegal shit the bushies have been getting away with for years will be examined with a fine tooth come as it well should be. Lawbreakers WILL BE PROSECUTED!!! They know this and have no moral issues with lying, cheating, or stealing to save their collective asses from jail.

If you have been living under a rock or perhaps just want more information on her, this site has the best comprehensive listing of issues.

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I'm officially making this day 'get the art out there' day. Ft Worth Community Art Center is having their 9X12 show/sale. I have decided that I'm entering screenprints. I don't think there's any prizes per se, but everything is on sale for $100, with artist getting 80% of each sale. I would dearly love to sell something.

This is a screenprint from a picture I took of my mom with her american eskimo puppy. It will serve as her bday present, but in screenprinting I usually print at least 8 so I can have at least 1 which turns out ok. One of the extras is going to the sale, mostly because puppies are universally loved or something.

cassie cassie
screenprint, 8X10.5"


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There were very odd dreams last night. I was in some sort of suv with ben affleck and we were on our way to a wedding. We stopped at the hotel and he needed something to eat, but it had to be succotash. I've no idea either in real life or in dreams what it is supposed to be. Ben explained it to me: it required 1 can tomato soup, 1 can corn, and one package of refrigerator biscuits all run through a food processor, simmered for 45 minutes on medium heat, then it was to sit for thirty minutes and had to be served with really long skinny toast from a baguette. I was rummaging through the hotel pantry and couldn't find tomato soup and tried to improvise, all the while his mother was there bitching at me. I spilled tomato glop all over the place but ben had to eat so I just scraped it back off the burner and back into the bowl.

I also woke with the idea that I would find my photoshop discs. I remembered that Bruce borrowed and did not return them. I spent the morning in his home office and did indeed find them in a very difficult to find place. Bruce had previously attempted an upgrade to a newer version of photoshop which is apparently incompatable to my copy which complicates matters. I finally just installed my version which seems to work fine. The problem is that his upgrade included acrobat professional. Well, as I do not have an official copy of anything 'professional' grade by adobe, I can't open pdf's at all. Oh, and now itunes wants to format my ipod to run on windoze. I think it's confused, but 'format' and 'ipod' sends some sort of panicy reaction through me so that is not going to happen. So the plan for that is to turn off the damn thing again and extract my ipod while it's powered down and see if that works. The ipod could be fried, the computer could be fried (again), I just don't want to go through the reloading of all my music again unless absolutely necessary.
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What do you call it when a federal agency decides to hold a phony press conference where the 'reporters' are played by agency employees? My reaction is this: Heckuva job, FEMA! If you wanted to know if FEMA is a great federal agency or THE greatest federal agency, this is the format for you.

Redact this! The White House edits part of CDC head testimony before congress. Things removed include the health impacts from global warming and a little blurb about how forest fires are expected to increase in frequency, severity, distribution and duration ( But hey, if we're the faux channel we can just blame forest fires on the terrorists). In response to the heavily edited global warming testimony, WH spokesmodel Dana Perino highlighted how we never hear about the advantages of global warming, like how fewer people will die from the cold.

As seen on Countdown: poll finds that more people believe in ghosts (33%) than approve of bush (31%). That might be a bit skewed, as bush has possibly created millions of ghosts during his reign.
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must see to believe tv

Tonight on the Colbert Report, Dennis Kucinich (described as the house elf of the democratic party by Colbert) will be appearing to empty his pockets. Should be interesting. Comedy central, 10:30 CST.

I'm off for fan!

illogical expressions

Most of you have probably heard the expression you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Or not, but being raised in the pseudosouth I heard it frequently. Today I can't help but think that is very wrong. I've never seen any flies on honey or vinegar. For fly catching, shit is the way to go. Flies can't get enough it. It could also explain how reporters suck up to the bushies, and don't question that bullshit which they are fed but just lap it up.

Just sayin!