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I hate tests!

Ok, the MRI has been schedueled for tomorrow at 1. The timing will be annoying as I have to be 'fasting' prior to going in, though the office stated that it's a four hour fast rather than overnight. No food isn't a problem, but no liquids will be tough. I have my script for ativan for the claustrophobia. It's not too bad until they ask you to hold your breath for 30 seconds or so in a loud skinny tube. Also the IV contrast solution makes me a bit queasy so adding all that in together just makes it awful.

At least I don't have days to stew about it. This time tomorrow I'll likely be sleeping off my drugs and then it's just waiting to hear the results (or waiting 2 weeks and start pestering the doc's office).

There's class tonight, though I probably won't stay too long as I am very distracted. I will be taking up the power washer from the garage and cleaning off my screens. Hopefully it still works. Bruce bought it a few years ago for hosing off the porch and it hasn't been used since. I do need to be careful to label it in case I elect to leave it at school. I think my used ebay screens have shipped and that will be something I'll need whenever that happens. It's a big box on the cheapest shipping option so I doubt it will arrive before monday.
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