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It's really hard to define how I feel about this one. So much was left out of it my brain was in rebellion. There wasn't much explanation to the whole order of the phoenix. From the look of things in the movie it seems like it goes straight from dementor attack - trial - school though in the book it took several weeks for all that to come about. In the movie Professor McGonagal became prof not appearing in this film. There was nothing about Ron and Hermione becoming prefects, and Harry feeling left out. No quiddich whatsoever, and in this book it was an important part of the storyline. Very little on the weasley twins which I also though was interesting. Rita Skeeter and the Quibbler was a huge and glaring omission as that was a major point of public opinion shifting. Nothing on James Potter and Sirius. Nothing on occlumency - it just kinda started without anyone besides Snape giving any reason for it. The whole Cho thing was completely flipped on its side.

It just bothers me as the other movies stayed fairly close to the books and this was a huge departure.

OK, now I'm ready for HP7.
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